Keep up with the latest activities.

  • Spring Seminar 28.5.2021

    The THTH Spring webinar was held on 28th May. The webinar focused on the content of the TIE project, related future development plans including Nordic and international collaboration plans as well as the operation model of the new TIE division.

  • Autumn Webinar 11.11.2020

    THTH Autumn Seminar 2020 11th November had nearly one hundred registred participants. In addition to the participants interested in the webinar, the theme "Digital Twin use-cases in industry" also connects the association's SIMANTICS division with the newly established TIE division.

  • Nordic Industry Interoperability booming!

    Cooperation between Norway, Sweden and Finland to promote the digitalization of industry got off to a strong start a year ago, when Swedish SEIIA and THTH joined more closely to support the international standardization development driven by the Norwegian PCA.

  • THTH activity planning workshop 2020

    THTH activity planning workshop 2020 was organized at 18th August as a webinar. The workshop focused in particular on long-term developments in the exchange of technical information and the Digital Twin.

  • Spring Seminar 18.5.2020

    THTH Spring Seminar 2020 was now held for the first time as a webinar due to Covid-19 restrictions. The webinar continues the theme started by 2019 seminars about the interoperability in digital technical information exchange. Now the focus was more on the lifecycle of technical information.

  • DEXPI Introduction May 2020

    Swedish SEIIA and Finnish THTH organized a DEXPI webinar for their member companies 14th May 2020. The webinar presented DEXPI initiative in general and and highlighted the latest developments in the harmonization of DEXPI with the CFIHOS project and the ISO-15926 standard.

  • READI project workshops 20th and 27th April 2020

    Swedish SEIIA and Finnish THTH will organize two webinar presentations for their member companies regarding Norwegian READI projects 20th and 27th April 2020.

  • ISO-15926 & CFIHOS workshops 17th and 24th March 2020

    Swedish SEIIA and Finnish THTH organized two eye-opening webinar presentations for their member companies regarding ISO-15926 Reference Data Library (RDL) development in March 17th and 24th.

  • CFIHOS meeting in London on 20-23 Jan 2020

    CFIHOS project organized wide meeting in London. The theme of the meeting was to clarify the mission statements, objectives, goals and scope of the CFIHOS project roadmap. THTH was also invited to join among other international interest groups. The meeting provided valuable insight into the THTH’s newly started TIE project.

  • Autumn Seminar 29.10.2019

    THTH Autumn Seminar 2019 was held in October 29 at Sweco's premises in Helsinki. The seminar introduced the idea of a new THTH TIE division and its development targets to enable interoperability in digital technical information exchange.

  • THTH met DEXPI in Finland 2.10.2019

    In connection to the three days DEXPI Hackathon THTH arranged half a day session "THTH meets DEXPI". The Hackathon was hosted by VTT and Semantum. DEXPI introduced itself to its Finnish audience. And DEXPI and THTH agreed to further deepen cooperation.

  • Spring Seminar 29.5.2019

    THTH Spring Seminar 2019 was held in May 29 at Pöyry's premises in Vantaa. The seminar introduced the latest international standardization efforts to enable interoperability in digital technical information exchange.

  • Industry Interoperability Summit 15.5.2019 in Stockholm Sweden

    Swedish SSG together with the LCDM project (Life Cycle Data Management) organized an inspriring international Industry Interoperability Summit in Stockholm. The summit was focusing to issues that are needed for lifecycle information exchange in industial digital transformation.

  • USPI meeting 17.4.2019 in Amersfoort Netherlands

    THTH and USPI signed a cooperation agreement at the USPI ManagementBoard meeting. The meeting brought together standards consortia and presented their projects on technical information management.

  • Autumn Seminar 29.10.2018

    THTH autumn seminar 2018

  • Spring Seminar 05.05.2018

    THTH Spring seminar 2018