Swedish SEIIA and Finnish THTH organized two webinar presentations for their member companies regarding Norwegian READI project 20th and 27th April 2020. The webinars are continuation of the presentations of the Norwegian POSC Caesar Association led multinational MRAIL team (Major RDL Action Items List) presentations. The MRAIL team has invited SEIIA and THTH to join the work and share the results with their member companies. THTH is active in Nordic collaboration especially via THTH’s TIE project.

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The general presentation for “managers” (owner-operators, project managers, …) was held 20th April. Nearly 50 persons from Nordic countries participated. The corresponding PDF presentation material is here!. The recorded video and a brief analysis from Finnish industry viewpoint is available for TIE project members only. If you are interested in joining the TIE project, please contact us!

The more technical presentations for “engineers” (EPC, vendors, consultants, …) was held 27th April. Erik Østby opened also this webinar and Tore Hartvigsen and Arild Braathen Torjusen gave their separate presentations. Both presentations contained on-line demonstrations, which can be seen only from the recorded video available for TIE project members only.

See more about the READI project behind this link.