The DEXPI initiative presented itself at a seminar organized by Swedish SEIIA and Finnish THTH on May 14, 2020. The webinar was a continuation of the presentations of the Norwegian POSC Caesar Association led multinational MRAIL team (Major RDL Action Items List) presentations. THTH is active in MRAIL and Nordic collaboration especially via THTH’s TIE project.

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Nearly 60 persons participated to the webinar, mainly from Sweden and Finland but also from other European countries. The DEXPI presentation was given by Reiner Meyer-Rössl from Autodesk/Austria and Heiner Temmen from Evonik/Germany. The corresponding PDF presentation material is here!. The presentation was recorded and it can be seen behind this link. A separate brief analysis from Finnish industry viewpoint will be available for TIE project members only.

In addition to the general presentation of the DEXPI initiative, the presentation focused on the alignement of DEXPI with the CFIHOS project and the ISO-15926 standard, which are in close connection with the MRAIL development activities. The webinar was also of interest to some Finnish participants through the THTH Simantics division (which develops and maintains open source applications for modeling and simulation) because it has had links to the DEXPI initiative already for several years.

If you are interested to hear more about the TIE project, THTH Simantics division or just about THTH association, please contact us!

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