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Cooperation between Norway, Sweden and Finland to promote the digitalization of industry got off to a strong start a year ago, when Swedish SEIIA and THTH joined more closely to support the international standardization development driven by the Norwegian PCA. The focus of cooperation has been on the ISO-15926 standard, in particular through the ISO/TC184 technical committee. The awareness of related standards for Nordic companies has been increased by organizing several webinars on standardization.

In the digital world, standardization is necessary to ensure interoperability but is not enough on its own – industrial ecosystem companies must agree on how to use them and how to implement them in the inter-enterprise information exchange. Perhaps partly due to the impact of Nordic co-operation, the global standardization community is more and more focusing on achieving a common digitalization goal for the entire process industry.

THTH has made collaboration agreements with several other organization too (e.g. USPI/Netherlands, DEXPI/Germany and MIMOSA/USA). The latest agreement with the global CFIHOS project owned by IOGP is currently under work. CFIHOS is bringing remarkable value not only for oil & gas but also for other process industry segments. CFIHOS is briefly explained behind this link.

SEIIA organized 7th October the Swedish Industrial Interoperability Virtual Autumn Meeting 2020. Peter Townson, the CFIHOS project director, introduced the topics of CFIHOS and Arto Marttinen introduced THTH and the on-going national TIE-project. The presentations are available also behind this video link.

Robert Skaar from Equinor presented the Norwegian ILAP-project 16th October (Integrated Lifecycle Asset Planning). The topic of the presentation was project schedule data exchange. The presentation demonstrated clearly what is needed to solve the challenges of digitalization.