THTH has been active in the wide national DBE Core (Digital Business Ecosystem Core) initiative focusing to technical information exchange in investment projects and in operation and maintenance. The technical information exchange is only one viewpoint in the whole initiative, but it is s very important for the process industry companies. THTH’s long history (more than 10 years) in developing concepts and tools for digital technical information exchange has given a strong background for this development.

DBE Core initiative is focused to create foundations for business digitalization in process industry, maritime industry, transportation and logistics as well as in financing. Even though it is a Finnish national initiative it is targeting to be global – most of the participating big companies are global enterprises.

The target is to create an open digital network for the ecosystem. It will lower implementation costs, connect business partners together and allow companies to focus developing their own digital business interfaces. The preparatory, LUT driven research project (DSC Core project) started two year ago and now is the time to create the foundations for the ecosystem. THTH together with Finnish industry and standardization bodies is currently creating specifications and a plan for technical information exchange related orchestration and development project.

The real ecosystem implementation is now starting. Look the brief presentation (~6min) behind the link below: