CoPVN (Collaborative Production Value Network) is an integral part of European Arrowhead fPVN project See the press release 7/2023. Arrowhead fPVN is funded by EU KDT-program (Key Digital Technologies). The core of the Arrowhead fPVN is in enterprise driven digitalization pilots in several different industry segments. Finland and Sweden will jointly form a consortium to implement digitalization pilots for the process industry. THTH TIE division driven CoPVN project is funded in addition to EU-KDT by Business Finland, Automaatiosäätiö and all 13 member companies of the TIE division.

The CoPVN development targets can be summarized by following 3 topics (see the top-bullets of the list below). The deliverables of the project are basically a common concept agreement and related documentation (sub-bullets on the list below).

  • Supporting process industry network pilots
    • Providing concept and tools for companies to pilot collaborative digitalized concepts.⋅⋅
    • Documenting pilot use-case examples for all ecosystem companies.
  • Enhancing business network infrastructure development
    • Creating and documenting common business rules and principles for ecosystem companies.
  • Supporting standardization infrastructure development
    • Activation national standardization to get it aligned with international digitalization standards.
    • Participation in relevant international standardization activities to adopt best standards and concepts for the pilots.
    • Participation in international standardization to bring the requirements and views of Finnish industry to international standards.

Stora Enso Oyj, AFRY Finland Oy and Semantum Oy are starting their own EU-KDT funded pilots and the rest of the TIE division companies are following and participating the development effort through CoPVN. Tampere University, Aalto University and VTT have their own separate research projects in Arrowhead fPVN overall project.