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THTH Association of Decentralized Information Management for Industry

Welcome to the pages of THTH Association of Decentralized Information Management for Industry.
THTH activities are focused on areas where substantial improvements are needed. The driving forces of the activities are the stengthened demands of the information management in industry regarding the availability of the data for multiple partners in projects, decentralized project realisations and increased plant runnability requirements.
Decentralization of the service activities to partners that can provide these services most efficiently means that the necessary information to fullfill the accomplishments shall be available for them, regardless the hour when or the place where the information is needed.  Additionally, the information must be easily and confidentially updated, preferably fully automatic between different systems of the partners.
Decentralized information management decreases unnecessary manual data transferring and rewriting. Instead of data transfer from point-to-point between two partners the data shall be available for all authorized users in real time. This means also that the company procedures are improved and the risk of mistakes are minimized.


SEFRAM-service framework

You can test the SEFRAM-service platform:

SEFRAM service platform is maintained by Masinotek Oy, a member of THTH Association. Sefram Systems is a registered trade mark of THTH Association. You can test
our framework through this link

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