Plant Information Gateway development project

This conteins several pilot projects. For more information please contact THTH.


SEFRAM development project

THTH Association has accomplished a development project called SEFRAM (Service Framework for Industry). The aim was to develop a framework for the trusted exchange of industrial information. The project focused on one hand in the development of the SEFRAM software platform and on the other hand in the development of the readiness of the THTH member companies to communicate with other partners in an unambiguous manner. The project was started in summer 2009 and was concluded in summer 2010.

The implementation of the SEFRAM infrastructure for information exchange started in the PRINDEX project 2005. The work was continued in the SEFRAM project.

The infrastructure consists of a number of database servers which form a master/slave hierarchy. Each partner in the network has a server, one of which is the master, typically the server of the plant owner/operator, possibly hosted by a service provider. The slave server can be again the master of other slave servers, containing data supplied e.g. by the subcontractors. When the data is published on the slave, it is replicated to the master. The distribution from there on to other slave servers is up to the administrator of the master database.

The database server of each company is connected through adapters to the engineering systems, maintenance systems and other software systems of the company. Each partner shall publish to its server all data that the other partners will be able to search, to view and to modify.


Simantics Division

The activities of the THTH Association were broadened with the Simantics Division that was started  in 2010. Go to the Simantics Division pages  here.



THTH Committees


IMC    Information and Membership Committee

Chair: Juha Pohjala, Masinotek Oy


OTH   Open Source Committee

Chair: Timo Syrjänen, Pöyry Finland Oy


STH    Standardization Information Committee

Chair: Matti Paljakka, VTT


CC      Collaboration Committee

Chair: Arto Marttinen, Collaxion Oy


TT      TOOLS Committee

Chair: Matias Weckström, Andritz Oy



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